The Universe and Me

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

24 : 1 - 2 p.m.

24. 6.8. Between hours, Jack found a helicopter and is in it, searching for Aussie’s car. Chloe’s too distraught to pull up a satellite. Milo relieves her. Bill informs Jack of Gray’s death which appears to be from cardiac arrest. Jack doesn’t seem heartbroken. CTU finds Aussie headed west but he realizes they’ve spotted him. Could it be from the noise of the helicopter? Talk about obvious. Stupidly, he tells Meg Ryan they aren’t aware of her existence. At the 110 Interchange, they switch vehicles. Then they switch drivers as Meg shoots Aussie and kicks him out of the silver pickup into the street. Morris thinks he’s saved but she still plans to deliver him to Fayed. That way she alone wins the 7 million.

Weasel Tom is pouting because President Wayne is putting forth his own agenda. The nerve. Wayne wants Assad to lead a peace mission and make a statement now. What follows is a lot of intimating from Tom’s treasonous cohort Reed about finding a way to secure power for the more agreeable Vice President. Jack finds Aussie’s body and a phone whose data he magically uploads to CTU. Chloe pulls herself together and traces a call to an apartment building. Yes, we have a perimeter. And a staging area. Fayed says he’ll give Meg her money when Morris completes the task of modifying the device so it can reprogram the 4 remaining bombs. To ferret out the 215 people in the building, they use the emergency service grid to trigger a fire alarm. Fayed doesn’t fall for that old trick. He’s busy torturing Morris with a power drill to make him comply. Meg’s had enough. Forget the money, she wants out. Fayed is happy to shoot her and put her out of her misery.

Three apartments remain occupied. Jack surmises he doesn’t have to worry about the woman in the wheelchair or the man with a criminal record. He and team storm in the last apartment and shoot up the place. Once the smoke clears, Morris is okay but Fayed is nowhere. Jack finds a suitcase in the bathroom which is where everyone should keep their bomb. Chloe mentions a failsafe device that prevented forced entry. Somehow she knows the get around and talks Jack through which gears and wires and switches to move so the bomb is disarmed. Turns out, there was a secret wall in a closet leading to the basement and that’s how Fayed escaped. He may be slippery, but he’s still not as cool as Marwan. Morris informs Jack that Fayed has the reprogramming device. Clearly Morris wasn’t watching the exchange with Desmond last season. “You gave him something that worked?” Jack berates. Line of the hour is Chloe’s: “Get away from me, there’s not a problem.”


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