The Universe and Me

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

24 : 3 - 4 p.m.

24. 6.10. Marilyn and Milo are pursued by hostiles. Papa Bauer wants Marilyn taken alive so she can give him Gredenko’s address. Milo is winged. Just as he’s about to buy the industrial park, Jack picks off the guy about to kill him. Another Minion threatens to kill Marilyn but Jack’s sure if he wanted to, she’d be dead by now. Jack must have taken some medical courses in China because just by examining Milo’s arm, he knows the wound isn’t fatal. Concerned Marilyn tipped off Gredenko, he pushes her until she says it was his father, not Susan, that called her in the car. Man, I hate her lipstick. Marilyn’s, not Susan’s. “How could I have been so stupid?” Jack wonders aloud. He’s asking people who watch this show?

Morris takes a walk to collect himself or buy a pint of whiskey but has second thoughts before it’s down. Luckily he remembered Altoids. He should have chosen vodka, because Chloe’s superior senses can smell the whiskey through the Altoids. Jack plans to force his father’s hand. Remaining Minion will call and have Marilyn say she won’t give the location unless she sees Josh. Crazy Papa thinks they can rebuild whatever’s left of the family. Josh hears Grandpapa say he’ll kill him and decides it’s time to go for a soda. Grandpapa stops him. No one’s life is worth the destruction of everything he’s built, whatever that is. In the presidential bunker, Tom’s buddy wants to get a security specialist inside to carry the ball and/or make it look like Assad kills President Wayne. When Tom has second thoughts, he’s bonked on the head a couple times so the issue is resolved.

A team sweeps the real Russia House but no one’s there. Jack, Marilyn and Minion arrive at the hotel. I’m sure I saw the door was already open, but Jack seemed to have missed it. No one’s around but the phone rings. Papa Bauer’s across the way, holding Josh at gunpoint. Jack tries to convince him there’s no legacy or empire and it would be best to make a deal with the government but he knows immunity is impossible at this point. He’ll surrender Josh in exchange for Jack. Gredenko found out about Papa Bauer’s role in President Palmer’s assassination and blackmailed him. He’s also miffed Jack became a civil servant (aka federal agent) and turned his back on the Bauer family by going his own way. Jack says he’s sorry. Weirdly, Papa leaves, and leaves Jack a phone number to call. On the line is former Pres Logan. Line of the hour, Chloe’s: “I don’t have to believe him, I was married to him.”


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