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Friday, February 09, 2007

Lost - Not in Portland

Lost. 3.7. In the flashback, Juliet injected some of the mysterious vial drug into her sister Rachel who lives in Miami Beach. The scarf around Rachel’s head made us think it was because of some cancer. Juliet was apparently engaging in employee theft, as she stole the vials from the laboratory where she worked with her former husband, Edmund Burke. Coincidence both their names are Shakespeare characters? Probably. Her research was either genius or ethically criminal. Somehow a Portland-based company named Mittelos found out about her impregnated male mouse and tried to recruit her. Only if Edmund’s hit by a bus, she said. Seriously, she’s not a leader, she’s a mess.

Eventually Rachel shared the good news that she was pregnant. From Juliet’s injections, we guess. When Juliet told Ed, he stupidly stood out in the middle of the street where a speeding bus hit him. When Mr Alpert from Mittelos showed up to offer condolences, complete with tissue-carrying Ethan, Juliet suspected he was responsible for the bus. He didn’t remember her mentioning any bus. All he wanted was for her to work with them for six months. But not quite in Portland. Juliet probably agreed because he seemed to know all about her sister. Six months quickly turned into three years, two months and 28 days. Not that she’s counting.

On the island, Juliet orders some Others to find Kate and Sawyer and bring them back, or kill them. Whichever. Ben’s anesthesia wears off and he wakes and asks to speak with Juliet alone. Whatever he says makes her change her mind and agree to help Kate and Sawyer escape if Jack will finish the surgery. For their part, Kate and Sawyer need a boat. And a buffet lunch. As Danny and cohorts shoot at them, Alex/Sheena conveniently appears with her trusty slingshot and hides them. She’ll give them her boat if they help her rescue her boyfriend. Wait a second. She has a boat? Has she ever taken that boat to the main island and run into her mother?

The kids scamper off to a hatch where the guard is reading A Brief History of Time. They overpower him with the Wookie Prisoner Gag and find Carl in Room 23. Or his own personal A Clockwork Orange. They hurry to the beach but not quick enough. Danny finds them and is ready to shoot Sawyer. Before he can, Juliet kills him. She reminds Alex she must stay on the island so that Ben will let Carl live. Jack, finishing surgery, warns Kate not to return for him, like that’s going to make a difference. Juliet tells Jack that Ben promised she could go home if she allowed Kate and Sawyer to escape. And she believed this lunatic?


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