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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lost : Stranger in a Strange Land

Lost. 3.9. Not a very interesting flashback. To me, anyway. That might be because I’m not a Jack fan. I don’t consider him a “likable guy” like he considers himself. And that’s why. Our egotistical hero is vacationing in Phuket where he meets a girl who helps him fly a kite. She has a gift but one she doesn’t think she should share. Turns out she’s a tattoo artist. She sees who people are and marks them according to her definition, not decoration. Jack demands his personal tattoo. Afterwards he’s beat up by some previously friendly guys at the beach and told to leave the country.

Show me the way to go home. Kate doesn’t want to leave Jack behind. Sawyer does. Carl’s blabbering brainwashing mantras. Thanks for the input. After they return to the main island, Carl goes off crying. Sawyer wishes he’d cowboy up instead of being like Bobby from The Brady Bunch. Carl’s never heard of The Brady Bunch. That can’t be good. He mentions they only work on the small island. They live on the main island. And they gave the children a better life than the Lostaways. He’s convinced they’ll kill him if he’s caught. Sawyer still urges him to go after Alex.

Tom asks Jack “What kind of people do you think we are?” And the answer would be: psychos. Maybe he should give Jack some stones to throw in his glass house. Jack’s taken out of the aquarium so Juliet can be brought in. He’s taken to Sawyer’s cage but doesn’t care to figure out the fish biscuit. The sheriff, Isabelle, who doesn’t like coming to the little island, reads tattoos (and apparently Chinese) and finds Jack's ironic. Juliet is escorted to inform Jack that Ben’s stitches are infected, his vitals low and he has a fever. Jack refuses to help.

During interrogation, Isabelle wants to clear up some inconsistencies. Such as, did Juliet ask Jack to kill Ben? Jack says he lied to create chaos to help his friends escape. He asks to return to his cage where Others drop by to watch him. Cindy and two of the kids are in the group. Jack shoos them away. Alex appears and asks him to speak with Ben. Jack wonders why they don’t have a surgeon in the group. But they did. Ethan. Ben writes Isabelle a note that commutes Juliet’s sentence. Execution is off the table. Juliet’s branded on her back, where no one can see it. And the Others decide to return to the main island. Poor Tom had to hold the umbrella over Ben. Line of the episode, Sawyer’s: “Well, ain’t that quaint?”


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