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Sunday, February 25, 2007

More than this

Stolen from KristĂ­n who stole it from a Parisienne blog :
1. Someone knocks at your door at two in the morning. Who would you want it to be? My ex, but the odds are not slim, they are none.
2. Your boss says he/she will give you a pay raise if ..? Ha ha ha ha
3. The essence of you? Intelligent but reserved.
4. Have you seen a ghost? At least once. Heard them many times.
5. Happy with your body? No, not at all. Never have been, never will be.
6. I would move to America if...: Already there/here. Was born here but have been known to curse the Kaiser for forcing my great-grandparents to leave Sweden.
7. A place you have lived in and miss: Massachusetts
8. A job you would never take, no matter how much you'd be paid: Quite a lot of them. I'm not very adventurous or business minded or money obsessed.
9. A band you found cool when you were 13: Queen.
10. You wake up after a bad nightmare. Who would you call? No one.
11. Do you want children before thirty? Since I'm past 30, I'll say I did. Once past 30, not so much.
12. The strongest memory from college: When the entire homecoming court was killed in a car accident.
13. Ever been in love with a friend's spouse? No.
14. The greatest prank you have played on a coworker? We don't play pranks on each other at work.
15. Are you more like your mother or father? Father. No doubt about that. Can't count the times I've said something to my Mom and she'll tell me, "Your father said the exact same thing just this morning." Scary.
16. Something you've always wanted to learn: Proficiency in foregin languages, rather than just a smattering of Icelandic and Swedish.
17. Still in contact with an ex? One, yes. Thankfully.
18. Where would you want to be in 10 years time: Alive?
19. Anything you've learned about yourself in the past year (2006): That I'm not as bad as everyone, especially myself, thinks.
20. What do you want for your birthday? Nothing special.
21. Name three things you did today? I've only been up for half an hour, so all I've done is clean the cat box.
22. The last thing you bought for yourself? A purple sweater.
23. Do you have anything dangling from the rear view mirror of your car? No
24. What did you have for breakfast? I will have an apple & cinnamon pop tart.
25. Who of your friends or acquaintances has the most tattoes: I only know of a few relatives of a sister who have tattoos.
26. How many hours sleep do you normally need? 7 or 8
27. Ever been tied up? No.
28. What would you rather have been doing right this moment? Nothing printable.
29. What is the first name in your address book? My aunt.
30. When did you last witness a fight? Nothing since my nieces were little and would say "Yes!" when they'd rubmle I'd ask them, "Is this how ladies behave?"
31. What was the last alcoholic beverage you had? Glass of wine.
32. Do you like having your hair pulled? No.
33. Name three places you'd like to travel to: Iceland, Sweden, did I say Iceland?
34. Are you good at skating? No. Too uncoordinated.
35. What is your opinion about BRAD PITT? He's mighty good looking. I don't know him personally.
36. What colour are your toenails? I don't paint them, so clear.
37. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? My mother. Or Anne from work who called my department with a question.
38. Do you have anything picturing a skull? Not unless it's cleansers with warning labels.
39. Have you travelled a lot within your country? Been to NYC, Mass, PA, Washington DC, Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana.
40. The last movie you watched? Fast Food Nation, last night.
41. Where were you when you received the first kiss? School cafeteria.
42. The last card game you played? Solitaire.
43. Have you had a blackeye? Smashed my face sledding as a kid.
44. What video rental do regularly you use? The library!
45. Do you wear tights? No.
46. Do you know someone who is doing time? No, but there's one who should be.


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