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Friday, February 16, 2007

Lost : Flashes before your eyes

Lost. 3.8. Locke and Company inform Hurley and Charlie, in hopes that they’ll keep everyone else calm, the island killed Eko. Desmond isn’t calm. He runs to the beach, strips off his shirt (thank you very much) and dives in the water. So how did the Bearded Wonder know Claire was drowning? Hurley believes, “That guy sees the future, dude.” Charlie isn’t convinced because it doesn’t seem like Des would have ended up in the hatch, then. They decide Sawyer’s McCutcheon whiskey will help him talk. Des says he heard Claire calling for help a mile away. That’s good hearing. Funny he also knew about and averted the lightning strike. Charlie calls him a coward and they scuffle.

When the hatch exploded, Desmond either dreamed or hallucinated or time travelled back to his apartment when he fell off a ladder while painting the ceiling an ugly red. Penny’s moving in and securing a job with her father for him. The microwave beeping sounds like the hatch countdown warning. Des notices the numbers all over the place but pulls himself and his concussion together to ask Pen’s father about marrying her. We learn that Des worked as a set designer for the Royal Shakespeare Company and Mr Widmore’s foundation is sponsoring a race around the world. Unfortunately, Widmore doesn’t think Des is worth a dram of McCutcheon whiskey, or his daughter. Furious, Des heads out to the street where Charlie is performing “Wonderwall.” Since Des is acting weird, saying he knows Charlie from the island and such, Charlie utters the line of the episode: “This is why we don’t do drugs.” And then it rained.

Talking with a friend in a pub, Des tries to figure out if he went back in time and is living his life over again. But his future memories don’t work out right. Off he goes shopping for an engagement ring where he annoys the woman clerk. She informs him that he’s supposed to have second thoughts, break Pen’s heart and enter the race. If he doesn’t, they all die. Pointing out a man in red shoes who eventually snuffs it under some fallen scaffolding, she explains that if she had saved him, the universe would correct her action and he would die some other way or day since he was supposed to. Free will doesn’t exist. Desmond ends up accepting this, unlike his namesake.

Des and Pen have their picture taken with the marina background. He can’t afford the five pounds to pay for the photograph and tells Pen it’s over. He can’t look after her and they’re not supposed to be together. Back in the pub that night, the soccer game turns out right. Des was just off by a day. And Jimmy Lennon walks in to smash the bartender with a cricket bat but Des steps in the way and is hit himself. The bartender’s eventual fate remains unknown because Des wakes on the island after the hatch explosion which made his life flash before his eyes but the flashes didn’t stop. And he’s not trying to save Claire. He’s trying to save Charlie who, now that we think about it, has had many close calls. But Des thinks no matter how many times he’s successful, the universe will course correct and Charlie will die. Probably when Sawyer returns and finds out he ransacked his stash.


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