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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

24 : 5 - 6 p.m.

24. 6.12. Logan thinks Jack should listen to the voice in his head. Um, no. For all his efforts at peace, Assad is dead. There must be doctors and a mini hospital on stand by at the bunker because Wayne is taken to surgery after being hit by shrapnel. The Secret Service starts to sweep the bunker. Reed's friend (I still haven't learned his name) thinks getting caught was never part of the plan. It rarely is. He wants to kill Tom but Reed thinks they can reason with him. The FBI will blame Assad who conveniently can't set them straight. Instead, first chance he gets, Tom rats out Reed & Co. Once a weasel, always a weasel. But I was proud of him. The VP Daniels isn't so impressed. He figures Tom was the architect of the plan and it would be best to go with the "blame Assad" motto.

At the Russian consulate, Logan asks Markhov where Gredenko is. The Russian boys aren't close anymore, so Markov doesn't know. Logan threatens to send tapes of Markov's involvement in last season's nerve gas/canister fiasco to President Subaru but that doesn't work any better than asking. Logan's positive Markhov is lying. He knows the signs. So Jack has Chloe hack the DWP server and disable the consulate's power so he can sneak back in. How long has Jack spoken Russian? I don't remember any foreign language knowledge before. He takes Markhov hostage at gunpoint, then phones CTU to inform them he has "a situation." It's a gross violation of sovereignty and he needs to go through proper diplomatic channels. Let's all laugh.

Markhov doesn't know Jack who starts lopping off the Russian's fingers until he confesses Gredenko is in Shadow Valley launching some unmanned aircraft drones or clones or something. The Russki's blast through the door and capture Jack. Karen decides she best return to the bunker. We'd almost forgotten she existed. Almost. VP Daniels prepares to implement his "aggressive agenda of national security" which will suspend civil liberties. It appears Morris also knows Russian, as he figures out Jack is a prisoner. CTU prepares a special ops team to rescue him, something they never thought about doing when he was in China, we guess. Jack convinces a guard to call CTU and tell them about the drones, but the guard is shot.


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