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Friday, March 16, 2007

Lost : Par avion

Lost. 3.12. In the flashback, a Goth Claire has a car accident which leaves her passenger mother with severe head trauma and comatose. Expenses have been taken care of and a new American doctor arrives on the scene. He’s not there to treat Mom, though. He’s there to tell Claire he’s her father. He visited her lots when she was little, but keeping two families going didn’t work well, I guess. He never tells Claire his name (or that she has a half brother named Jack) but he does mention there are alternatives to keeping her mother alive on machines. Hope isn’t the same as guilt, in his experience. Claire kicks him out.

On the island, Desmond wants to engage Charlie in a spot of boar hunting. Why Desmond cares so much whether Charlie dies or not might be a good question to ask. No one does. Claire notices some migratory seabirds heading south. She figures they’ll be tagged and someone will read those tags. If they can catch a bird, they can send a message to the outside world. Charlie doesn’t see the point. He thinks it’ll only encourage false hope. Desmond continues to linger, seemingly subverting Claire’s plans. She follows him and sees him catch a bird for her. He explains that Charlie would have tried but slipped on the rocks and broken his neck.

Sayid is still brooding over Locke blowing up the house. Locke thinks Sayid should have warned him the basement was rigged. Patch informs them that two weeks ago the underwater beacon stopped. He mentions an electromagnetic pulse and something I couldn’t catch as my cats have developed spring fever and were racing through the living room. Whatever it was, he doesn’t explain further to Kate because she’s not capable of understanding because she’s not on the list because she’s flawed. Somehow he knows their names. More curious is that he remembers Locke from the past. Locke interrupts him before he can elaborate.

They reach a security perimeter of pylons that encircle the barracks. There’s no way around it. Locke shoves Patch in. After strangely thanking Locke, Patch dies a gruesome death. Life amongst the Others must not be so great after all, if they’re so keen to die. (See Mrs Klugh from last episode.) Kate figures they can go over the barrier. They rig up a tree and she climbs up. The rest of the gang follows. Sayid sees Locke has some explosives in his backpack. So he knew about the basement after all. Go figure. Shortly the gang arrives outside the Others village where people are riding bicycles and Jack is involved in a friendly game of catch football with Tom. Everybody say, Huh?


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