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Friday, March 23, 2007

Lost : the man from Tallahassee

Lost. 3.13. In the flashback, the con artist formerly known as Anthony Cooper is set to marry some woman whose family is worth two hundred million dollars. Through medical records, which some hospital clearly didn’t keep confidential, her son tracks down Locke as having donated a kidney. Locke says it was anonymously and he never met Cooper. Who donates a kidney for the fun of it? Locke tracks down his father and orders him to call off the wedding or he’ll tell the woman. Shortly afterwards the police inform Locke that the woman’s son was found dead. She calls off the wedding because she’s too devastated. As Locke picks up the phone to call her, his father, who just said he wasn’t a murderer, pushes him out the window. Locke falls eight floors but survives. What is he, a cat? Explanation of paralysis, finally.

On the island, we see Locke using binoculars. I don’t remember him doing binocs before. Maybe he picked them up at Patch’s place. Kate seems to want to start shooting Others and hope for the best but Locke thinks it would be better to approach Jack when he’s alone. They wait until nightfall. Kate enters his house and finds him playing piano, seemingly alone except for the video camera watching him. The Others easily capture her and Sayid. Locke went in search of Henry. Alex hears them talking. Locke spirits her into the closet when Henry calls for help. He asks the help (Richard?) to bring him the Man from Tallahassee. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a code for: there’s a man in my closet with a gun held on my daughter, although he should.

Locke wants to know where the submarine is. Henry questions how he’ll operate it. “You don’t just press submerge.” Since Locke mentions Patch, Henry figures out that he also found the explosives and is planning on blowing up the sub. Henry knows a lot about Locke’s life pre-island whereas Locke shares a bond with the island that Henry, although born there, seems to lack since he’s not healing as fast as he should and probably shouldn’t have become sick in the first place. Locke objects to Henry’s use of electricity, created by “two giant hamsters running in a massive wheel in a secret underground lair” according to Henry. Communicating with the outside world is cheating and hypocritical.

Sayid intimates to Alex that her mother is still alive. After some discussion about a magic box that creates whatever you think about, Alex leads Locke to the sub. Jack either believes Henry's promise is good or he doesn't care about Kate and Sayid's fate. He and Juliet, ready to leave the island, arrive at the sub just as Locke blows it up. Jack’s furious with Locke. The sub loss is very convenient for Henry, who was looking for a way to keep his dissenting people and the Lostaways on the island. Henry takes Locke to a door, behind which is a bound Anthony Cooper. Real or magic box/smoke monster illusion? Line the writers probably wish they’d thought about sooner: “This is gonna be more complicated than we thought.”


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