The Universe and Me

Thursday, March 29, 2007

24 : 8 - 9 p.m.

24. 6.15. Gredenko contacts some dude named Mark Hauser with a brother named Rainman, or Brady. Same difference. Brady doesn’t like red food but he’s excellent with computer files. Chloe picks up on the phone call and, while she can’t determine what was said, she finds Mark’s address. Nadia’s been classified an enemy combatant. One of the gang brings Ricky an access monitor on Nadia’s computer which she could never have known about. The nuke happy VP’s assistant passes him a note which I suspect contains boxes for him to check off whether he likes her or not. No, wait, the doctors are taking Wayne out of a coma. A tact team, led by Jack, who’s not letting floating rib fragments get him down, storms Mark’s house. Why Mark would keep a shotgun right out in the open with a mentally challenged and/or autistic brother there is anyone’s guess. But he shoots back and is hit in an artery.

Jack handles the questioning of Brady well. Must have been all that experience with the lesser watt bulb Kim. Mark wanted Brady to go through some firewall instead of a proxy server. Jack warns the heavily bleeding Mark to give up Gredenko or be prosecuted for treason. Apparently dying is not an option, though it sure appears Mark is on that route. He tells Jack he was getting some security specs for a nuclear power plant and is wheeled off to the hospital. Jack needs Brady to go through with the transaction with Gredenko. They’ll meet in the convenient parking lot across the street. Jack orders the tranquiliser darts, making me wonder why they weren’t using them all along, since they could have learned a lot from some of these now dead Bad Dudes. Brady performs well and Gredenko is captured.

Milo’s ticked that Ricky sat on evidence to clear Nadia. Ricky begs to differ. He gave it to Morris because they had to make sure it was real. Nadia’s cleared. Bill thinks her first instinct would be to quit CTU. I think it would be to whack a certain someone upside the head. Saundra/Sandra gives the okay to take Wayne out of a coma. He suffers an increase in brain swelling and crashes. Within minutes, though, he’s on the phone, ordering a stand down. The strike is called off and he’s resuming his duties. No hostile action will be taken. The VP is sure Wayne can’t be thinking clearly. He can’t allow him to remain in power and summons the Attorney General.


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