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Friday, March 09, 2007

Lost : Enter 77

Lost. 3.11. The Lostaways find a ping pong table leftover from when the hatch collapsed or exploded. Hurley doesn’t ask questions. He just makes himself a salad and moves on. Sawyer’s still lamenting his stolen stash, flinging nicknames left and right. Poor Hurley, i.e. Avalanche. Sawyer challenges anyone to a game of ping pong in return for his stash. Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon think it’d be a hoot if he had to give up the nicknaming for a week if he loses. Sawyer gets three points, which is better than zero. Best part of this comic relief was his questioning who Nicky was.

Kate and the rescue team have been walking north at a compass bearing of 3:05 for two days. They end up discovering a farmhouse with a large satellite dish. Rousseau’s survived by avoiding such encounters. She bails. Sayid foolishly walks right up to the house and is winged. Kate and Locke corner the culprit who says he’s Mikhail, the last living member of the Dharma Initiative. But we like to think of him as Patch. Wanting to do something good after being dismissed from the Soviet military eleven years ago, he replied to a newspaper ad. Everyone else died in the war, or purge, against the hostiles. The Others offered him a truce. If he didn’t cross their imaginary line, they’d leave him alone. Although his only companion seems to be a cat named Nadia, after the gymnast, Sayid suspects someone else is around.

Locke snoops around and finds a computer chess game that Patch says he can’t win since the computer cheats. Way to go. Tell Locke he can’t do something and that’s what he’ll become determined to do. He wins in no time and the screen is replaced by Dr Candle. Mainland communications are down. The sonar access is inoperable. If there’s been an incursion of hostiles, Locke is to enter 77. You’d think his experience with the hatch would have made him realize it’s not wise to go messing with other people’s things. During this chess match, Kate and Sayid realize Patch isn’t their friend. He attacks them but the fend him off. They find an operations manual and Mrs Klugh in the wired basement.

Patch has recovered from the fight and taken Locke outside. An exchange of prisoners would make sense. Mrs Klugh telling Patch to shoot her would not. Maybe she didn’t want to be on the receiving end of Kate’s wrath anymore. Rousseau reappears. She thinks Sayid should kill Patch. The episode’s pointless flashbacks have to do with mercy and regret or whatever (seeing Sayid beaten to a pulp is not any more entertaining to me than seeing Sawyer beaten to a pulp), so he doesn’t. BTW, the wife in the flashbacks must not know cats. They all do that. Because Locke entered 77, the house explodes. Luckily, we guess, Sayid took a map of some barracks they can check out next week. Best line: Sawyer’s “It was mine when I took it.”


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