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Friday, March 02, 2007

Lost : Tricia Tanaka is Dead

Lost. 3.10. “How does your light shine in the halls of Shambala?” The little dude Hurley must have been listening to an oldies station because there’s no way he’s about the same age as me. When he can’t fix the car, his father, Cheech, reminds him that having hope is never stupid and “you make your own luck.” Does that include bad luck? Then Cheech does the Deadbeat Dad Shuffle so Hurley too has father issues. His parting gift: a chocolate bar. The rest of the flashback focuses on many chocolate bars later when the adult Hurley won the lottery. He buys Mr Cluck’s where reporter Tricia Tanaka interviews him for a puff piece that isn’t fluff enough. A meteor or asteroid CGI’s into the restaurant, killing Tricia. Hurley wants to go to Australia to break the curse but wait, his father has returned home after 17 years.

Concerned about Hurley’s mental health, his mother phoned Cheech who admits he dropped by for the money. Hurley decides it might break the curse to give away the money. Cheech has a better idea. They visit a psychic who knows the numbers sequence. She thinks death surrounds Hurley because there’s a curse on him. When the curse’s removal involves some untoward exorcism practice, Hurley figures out that his father told her what to say and offers her money to admit it. “The mystic arts are not subject to bribes.” Not small ones, anyway. She goes for the big bucks. Cheech doesn’t think travelling to Australia will break the curse. Hurley should fix up the old car and give away the rest. Then they’ll go to the Grand Canyon on a road trip. Guess that didn’t fly.

On the island, Vincent brings Hurley a skeleton arm that’s clutching a rabbit’s foot attached to a keychain. Hurley chases the dog who leads him to a tipped over “hippy car.” They kept calling it a car, but we always called them VW vans back in the 60s. The skeleton in the car wears a Dharma t-shirt with Roger Workman on it. Hurley tries to engage the Lostaways in fixing up the car but only Jin, who has no idea what he’s talking about, volunteers. There’s a payoff when they find beer in the car. Just before Kate and Sawyer return, he steps on a dart that looks to be from Desmond’s pub days. She yanks it out unceremoniously. Sawyer’s none too pleased that the munchkin, Oliver Twist, stole his stash. Hurley figures Sawyer will help fix the car because there’s beer involved. No one told him about the skull in the back seat. “That’s just Roger.” Or Skeletor, one of the many Sawyerisms in this episode.

While Sawyer teaches Jin all the English he needs to know (i.e. “Those pants don’t make you look fat,”) Hurley admonishes Charlie to “stop feeling sorry for yourself ‘cause someone says you’re gonna die.” Instead, they should “look death in the face and say, whatever, man!” Jumbotron and Jimminy Cricket decide to pull a Thelma and Louise (with a push start a la Little Miss Sunshine) with Hurley driving down into the valley and Charlie riding shotgun. They manage to miss the deadly rocks at the bottom and enjoy their ride as the eight track coincidentally plays “Shambala.” Meanwhile, Kate decides to search for Jack. Sayid and Locke, a little put out that she didn’t ask them to go with, find her. The sunlight hitting Mr Eko’s Jesus Stick showed them the direction they need to go. Shots fire out but Kate tells the shooter she’s there to talk. Rousseau steps out of the jungle. Kate explains Rousseau’s daughter Alex helped her escape The Others. Line of the episode, Sawyer re Jin: “Somebody’s hooked on phonics.”


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