The Universe and Me

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

24 : 7 - 8 p.m.

24.6.14. Jack has floating rib fragments. We don’t imagine that will slow him down. With the fuzz moving in, Gredenko orders a drone launched. CTU’s tracking ability appears mysteriously disabled. Chloe’s more concerned that, during a security upgrade, she discovered Nadia is using Milo’s code. He may be just trying to help but that’s a felony and someone else is bound to notice too. The nuke happy VP isn’t just rattling his sabre. Put that away before someone gets hurt. Marilyn makes a move on Jack who moves out of the way. First he needs to talk to Audrey. Marilyn isn’t torn up to tell him she read about a year ago in the newspaper Audrey had a car accident in China. Furious, Jack grabs Chloe’s phone. She should have told him and he wants the file now. Chances are Audrey was murdered while trying to find and free him. If she’s really dead, that is.

Karen returns to the bunker and quips over Tom’s boo boo. He jokes that he tripped over her ineptitude. She finds the VP’s actions dangerous and reckless, rather than the US standing up for herself. In a moment of comic relief, Chloe checks Morris’s breath for alcohol. Nope, he’s fine. Something about anticipating repositioning directives leads them to discover a leak at CTU. Ricky suspects Nadia because she’s “Mooslim.” Mooslim? Is that the official religion of moose? Is someone directing this show? Anyway, some signature trace matches Nadia’s. She’s taken into custody and interrogation. The drone is scheduled to hit San Francisco in twenty minutes.

Wayne has a build up of intracranial pressure. A coma has been induced but Karen needs to speak with him. The doctor won’t take responsibility for any ensuing brain damage. She’ll have to gain consent from sister Saundra/Sandra. Some feedback on Morris’s computer leads him to the location of the drone pilot. Just a couple blocks away on Hillcrest. That’s sure convenient. Jack accompanies the team who shoot their way in. He takes the pilot’s controls, which are navigation only. Never mind he’s been away from technology for almost two years. Also, never mind there’s a large body of water close by. He lands the drone in an industrial park. The firemen are exposed to its radiation. That’s enough of an attack for the VP to proceed with his warning strike. No word on either Logan this hour. Best line: “We don’t have time for your personal differences.”


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