The Universe and Me

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

24 : 6 - 7 p.m.

24. 6.13. Logan is taken for debriefing at CTU. They’ve brought in the night manager, Mike Doyle. We like to think of him as Ricky. Milo wanted to think wouldn’t be a jerk. No such luck. Mike/Ricky and Morris don’t hit it off either. But Morris’s shirt is a blend, it doesn’t wrinkle, so that’s okay. Mike/Ricky’s putting a tactical profile together. Liberating Jack is a secondary goal. They need to abduct Markhov, even though that constitutes an act of war. Jack’s captor pushes him down a flight of stairs, onto the dead guard whose belt Jack surreptitiously liberates, then uses it to whip captor’s gun from his hand in one of the hour’s few exciting moments. He calls CTU and reaches Morris, but the line goes dead. CTU figures Markhov won’t let himself be taken alive. Since Martha is friends with Anya Subaru, she could call and convince her to speak on their behalf to her husband.

Martha’s been “institutionalized” which means she’s shacked up in a cozy bungalow with Aaron Pierce, reading gossip rags, eating fruit and probably playing the occasional tennis match. Charles calls but she refuses to see him. Aaron doesn’t have to deal with his sarcasm anymore, either. Logan’s not playing games. There’s an international incident brewing and he’s choppering in. Jack happens upon a Russian couple. He sends the man for a phone and tells the girl not to be scared, she’ll be fine. Seriously. Has Jack spent any time around himself? No one around him is ever fine and should be scared to death, because that’s how they usually end up.

The VP coerces Tom into telling some ambassador that Assad carried in the bomb. He saw the detonator. Now they’re holding his country responsible. The peace plan was all a ruse. Aaron’s worried Martha’s getting herself all stirred up. We couldn’t have that, could we? She goes a little ballistic chopping the fruit. As soon as we saw the knife, we figured it would be used. She jabs Logan in the neck, hitting an artery and is surprised to end up in handcuffs rather than given a medal. But she must have got through to Anya (I zoned out until the neck jab) because Subaru orders Markhov to surrender and turn over Jack. Of course he refuses. Subaru authorizes CTU’s use of force. They storm the consulate as Markhov calls Gredenko to launch the drones now. Logan crashes in the ambulance. Quote of the hour that could apply to any hour: “What you understand really doesn’t matter.”


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