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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Big Bash

When my niece Erin was a few years old, we visited Midway amusement park and her father Terry took her down the slide for the first time. She squealed all the way down, but when they came to a stop at the bottom, she stood up and said, “Go again?” I was reminded of this when after her wedding ceremony on Saturday, she said she enjoyed it so much, she wanted to immediately do it again. I thought the wedding went splendidly and was so beautiful. Erin and Matt were smiling to the point of beaming with so much joy the entire time, it was great to see and share in such a special moment for them.

Getting to the church a little before they were seating people, I snuck back to look at Erin and could only tell her how gorgeous she looked, so much like a princess, because I was starting to get teary-eyed. Then I saw Shannen, Erin’s sister and maid of honour. I don’t think I could say much beyond “Wow!” because it was like being in the room with a movie star, in particular Julia Stiles. I’ve been telling her for years she could be a model. Somehow I managed not to cry during the wedding, but it wasn’t easy, especially when I saw Corrie, Erin’s cousin and one of her bridesmaids wipe a tear away. I had to tell myself “do not look at Corrie again!” She (as well as the best man Ethan) sang a song and afterwards she said the only way she could get through it was to keep thinking of something else.

It will be a while before I get my pictures developed but I’ll try to post one here I stole off Shannen’s blog. My brother-in-law Jerry had Erin pose for a silly picture where she’s trying to bar the church doors with a panicked expression on her face. And then he had Matt pose on the other side, desperately trying to get out. The hired photographer was there and snapped a picture of Erin at the church door with her typical smile which you can see if you go to his website. In the opening montage, Erin is the first (and loveliest) bride shown. At the same site, if you click on menu, then galleries, then go to Page 2, the last picture (#30) is of Erin & Matt hugging.

It wasn’t until yesterday when I went out with my sisters (and I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, I have the greatest sisters in the world!) that I learned a few things that went on behind the scenes. Shannen had 97 bobby pins in her very long hair and is determined never to wear her hair up like that again! It took three hours for the girls to get their hair done. Lori was supposed to stand up when Erin and Terry were at the door entrance and her cue was when Kim changed to a certain song but when Kim changed to the song, Lori didn’t see anyone in the doorway. She didn’t know they were hiding until everyone stood up so that Matt wouldn’t see Erin until she reached the aisle. Corrie said something that I had been thinking: that it seemed very dreamlike, very surreal. It feels like it’s still to happen.

The kids are presently honeymooning in the Bahamas. Erin called to say they arrived safely after some unexpected and worrisome changes to their plans. They were switched to a different flight and ended up having to leave their house at 3 a.m. to drive to Pittsburgh. When they reached the airport, two hours early, others ahead of them wanting to board were being turned back and sent home. They were told if they wanted to make the flight, they’d have to run, so they did. The heat index in the Bahamas is presently 100. I hope they don’t suffer heatstroke and get a chance to parasail and do other touristy things she had wanted. We’ll hear her stories when they return.


  • At 11:05 AM, July 12, 2005, Anonymous SK said…

    I can't wait to see Jerry's two pictures together, they will be so funny. It really did seem surreal, and Erin was so beautiful.

    I hope you had a great birthday yesterday! I was glad I could spend some time with you ^_^

  • At 6:31 AM, July 13, 2005, Blogger Mrs Vee said…

    I hope Jer blows up the one where he's smooching Matt. The expression on Matt's face is so funny. You know Erin's going to love it! I can already hear her laugh!


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