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Monday, July 04, 2005

Million Dollar Baby

Movie: Million Dollar Baby. Was it really shot in just thirty days? If so, that’s impressive. Maybe because I’m not into boxing or the boxing world, I only saw this as a good movie with great performances by Swank, Eastwood and Freeman. But I don’t know if I would have voted to give it the Oscar. Maybe it didn’t have the impact it would have on me if I had seen it in the theatre and hadn’t had time post-Oscars to guess what happened to Maggie. And there were some flaws. She was of such impeccable, brave, determined, decent character, I doubted the clichéd trailer trash mercenary welfare family was hers at all. And unless I fell asleep or my attention wandered, I heard no explanation of Frankie’s rift with his daughter. And I had no idea what the purpose of the Danger character was. Best quote/concept: Maggie’s hometown being “somewhere between nowhere and goodbye.”


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