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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Meltdown expected

Movie: Dirty War. I watched this a few weeks ago but never got around to blogging about it, not that it wasn’t blog-worthy. With the recent bombings in London and evacuation of Birmingham, the movie’s images have returned to my poor brain. Originally a BBC production, this fictional documentary on biological terrorism was also shown on HBO and PBS here in the States. A bomb with radioactive material explodes and scatters the radioactivity over a wide area which not only affects people in the present, but will cause illnesses, particularly cancer, for decades. Being a 24 fan, I couldn’t help thinking they desperately needed Jack Bauer to diffuse the situation and thereby save England as only he can. If only he was a real person. In contrast to the fast pace of 24, I found this movie slow and I didn’t think it packed as much of a wallop as it intended. At the end, people seemed to return to their normal lives. How is that possible?


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