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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Does this plane stop in Keflavík?

In the past few weeks a couple big names in American rock music have given impromptu concerts in Iceland. First, around the beginning of July, it was Bruce Springsteen, who I used to call Bruce Stringbean. While en route from Berlin to the States, his private jet stopped at around 2 in the morning to refuel at Keflavík International Airport. Rather than be bored waiting around, he took an acoustic guitar into the terminal and played six songs for the staff working the overnight shift. Last week the Foo Fighters took a break from their ever vigilant fight on Foo to once again visit Iceland. They dropped by a few years ago and while dining at a lobster restaurant in a village called Stokkseyri (population 500+) heard some interesting music from a nearby garage. They followed the sound and met up with a group of four teenagers who call their band Nilfisk. Led by Johann Vilbergsson, Nilfisk has very little to do with Swedish vacuum cleaners of the same name and more to do with Foo-ish type rock. There are some mp3’s of their songs at here. Last week the Foo Fighters, who were in Iceland to play at Egilshöll Stadium and spend some quality time enjoying The Blue Lagoon, returned to Stokkseyri and jammed with members of Nilfisk at the Ghost Bar. We can only guess who might be next.


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