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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Inside I'm Dancing

Movie: Rory O’Shea Was Here. Or in Ireland. A quadriplegic befriends another twenty something with cerebral palsy he meets at an institution and convinces him to petition for independent living. Somewhat of a chick flick, somewhat of a showcase for James McAvoy’s acting talents, snarky attitude and smart mouth. I liked it more than the Oscar winner below. I’m not sure much of the disabled community approved as it does make a point of making the point that they have limitations, in particular that they shouldn’t be in relationships with the able bodied. Rory brutally berates Michael for his crush on Siobhan, their caretaker who looks more Scandinavian than Celtic. But the film and Rory are also an affirmation about the need to experience life to the fullest, even if that includes heartbreak and prejudice. Bit of a contradiction there. Rory needs to have a discussion with the guy from The Sea Inside. Clearly he’s never been to Spain.


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