The Universe and Me

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Skating away

Movie: Ice Princess. Suspension of all disbelief and a tolerance to saccharine required. Following that, it was much better than I expected. Made me grateful I’m not a teenager, having to deal with the pressures of the intense competition that’s in school, and on the ice, these days, though. The very Disneyesque message of following your fleeting dream doesn’t make much sense if it means giving up a Harvard scholarship. I agreed with Joan Cusack’s character, that it would be a waste to end up in Has Beens On Ice when “there’s no shelf life on your mind” and I thought she changed her mind only for the sake of the movie. I believe in my much younger days I was best friends with that Jumping Shrimp. Dreadful soundtrack. But hello Hayden!


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