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Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Cat

The Cat Lies Down on Park Drive
(This cat has nothing whatsoever to do with biology or any other cat. It just lies down on Park Drive.)

Late Friday night in Hoten
Genesee winds blow on the land.
The Library has shut its doors,
Science students crowd the Temple’s floors.
Security Norm’s on his midnight rounds,
Chasing Canfield off the grounds – get out!
It seems they can not stop their game.
There’s something inside them wanting fame.
And the cat lies down on Park Drive.

Nighttime studying dulls their brains.
Bookstore puts up the chains.
Mental motion comes in bursts,
But Willard J can quench that thirst.
Suspension memos from Dean Danner,
Canfield shrugs in a cynical manner.
And out of the Campus Centre,
Male Premedical Egoist Kid
Exits into darkness, bio book hid.
And the cat lies down on Park Drive.

The cat seems right out of place,
But the Park Drive street scene
Puts Security on the chase.
Somehow its lying there brings absurdity to the air.
Though the Temple’s light at night is very bright,
There’s no lab assistant
On the Chem 4th floor in a coat of white.
Male Premedical Egoist Kid
Hides his flask of butyric acid.
And the cat lies down on Park Drive.

Security tired, his work all done,
Thinks funny, sonny – flee on, peon!
This time they’ll be no warning,
The Dean will know by Monday morning.
Brookside women, you should draw your blind.
They don’t look at you, they don’t have time – they’ll fail!
Nights in the lab they’re popping no-doze,
Lord knows they want 4.0’s.
And the cat lies down on Park Drive.
On Park Drive.
They say the lights are always bright on Park Drive.
They say there’s always magic in the air.


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