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Friday, June 03, 2005

Be Cool

Movie: Be Cool. The sequel to Get Shorty which I never saw. The worlds of gangsters and gangstas are cultures I know nothing about and can’t understand. Hollywood, too. This seemed to parody the sleazy recording industry, making the producers and executives into mob thugs and criminals all eager to kill anyone in their way. And put a promotion against piracy on before it? Very uncool. Long before Steven Tyler appeared, I’d lost interest, but it is my understanding that he was not involved in Liv’s childhood, so I don’t believe Toys in the Attic has anything to do with her or any child. Especially when the album was released several years before her and Mia’s births. The other music, except a Sonny & Cher song, was hideous American pop or crap rap. The trend of girl singers with saccharine voices can go away now. Someone quick clone Joss Stone. Two hours was probably two hours too long. Only line I liked: “When you turn thirty, you better have a personality.”


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