The Universe and Me

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Movie: Hitch in which dating consultant Will Smith falls for a Latina version of Nancy McKean but can’t seem to follow his own advice. Or fate won’t let him. Romantic comedy chick flick. It and some of its special features did make some interesting points about dating and love. One of the most important being that Will’s work would not be necessary without the multitude of sleazy cads out there who’ve damaged women to the point that they can never trust again, even when a genuinely sincere nice guy miraculously appears. Another being that women are inherently attracted to confident men. And that we tend to be attracted to someone who is attracted to us, an unavoidable narcissistic trait all humans share. For some unknown reason I was reminded of Malcolm Gladwell’s interesting book Blink where he posits that a relationship is more doomed to failure if one or both partners feels contempt for the other one. Disrespect a person, make them know you consider them inferior or worthless and goodbye relationship. I need to read more Schopenhauer to fully understand the concept of the beautiful socialite falling for the bumbling Kevin James character. James and Smith worked wonderfully together.


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