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Friday, June 17, 2005

The Jacket

Movie: The Jacket as in strait, not as in a sequel to The Tuxedo. Somewhat of a psychological thriller with less thrill, more psychology. Didn’t Adrien Brody go through enough in The Pianist? Here he’s a war vet sentenced to an asylum where a doctor experiments with sensory deprivation/isolation on the criminally insane to find out if they’re really insane or just criminals. With a side order of time travel. And Keira Knightley as an alcoholic, nihilistic American. Part of this filmed in West Lothian? Learning of his imminent death, Adrien scrambles to try to avoid it. I thought the interesting part was that he also tried to help a couple people. Giving a doctor the treatment for a patient she would not have considered and influencing Keira’s mother enough so that she doesn’t emotionally damage her daughter’s life. So the question is, if you knew someone’s fate and could help them avoid it, would you? I think most people would say yes. But if you couldn’t time travel and were left just trying to imagine or extrapolate someone’s fate and thought it might be bad, would you then try to change it? Benevolence probably does not extend to speculation.


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