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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Elvis is alive & living in England

Kay asked me who I thought was the best Elvis impersonator. Being a Red Dwarf fan, I have to say it’s Clayton Mark, the one who guest starred in the “Meltdown” episode. Born in New York City, Clayton learned to play a bunch of instruments before he met Louis Armstrong and was persuaded by Armstrong to focus on the trumpet at age eight. At fifteen he started performing with a band at Las Vegas hotels. During this time he discovered his talent for impersonating Elvis and many other singers including Johnny Mathis, Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Tony Bennett and even a bunch of Disney characters. In 1986 he began his “Memories of Elvis” show. In 1992 Clayton became the first male singer to shatter a glass for Memorex. He subsequently performed in an ad for them. He’s also recorded several albums and has appeared as Elvis in a couple movies and starred in many Elvis tribute shows. If you’d like to hire him, the going rate is around £600 a show. But he’s probably booked.


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