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Monday, June 27, 2005

Here kitty, kitty

This winter I read an article about how a parasite almost all cats carry is transmitted to mice and makes them lose their instinctive fear of cats so they are easier to catch. This parasite, toxoplasma gondii, is also transmitted from cats to human brains. In fact, millions are already infected. Around half the population of Britain. About 80-90% of people in France and Germany. But the parasite has always been thought to be harmless to humans. The newly discovered problem is that it can alter human personality and behaviour. Reportedly, infected men become more aggressive, antisocial, suspicious, jealous, less attractive, less well-groomed. Infected women become less trustworthy, more fun loving, warm hearted, concerned about their appearance and promiscuous. Plus these women spent more money on clothes. If nothing else, it explains recent trends in society and at least one of my co-workers. According to researcher Dr Dominique Soldati in London, "Once you are infected you cannot get rid of this." A comforting thought for all us cat people.


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