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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Find Your Spot

The website takes you through a series of questions about your interests and geographical likes and then determines where in the States would be best for you to live. I must have caught it in a bad mood. Strange nowhere in New England was mentioned. Here are the towns it picked for me:

  • Anchorage, Alaska – This was their #1 choice? Are they kidding me? I’m sure the landscape is very beautiful but really! Jean said recently Al was reading a book about Alaska and it mentioned the ratio of men to women being “the odds are good but the goods are odd.”
  • Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Isn’t this near Three Mile Island? Mutant city!
  • Albany, New York
  • Ogden, Utah – Osmondville?
  • Olympia, Washington – I’ve never been to Washington state, so I can’t comment on what it might be like.
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan – I’ve definitely been to Grand Rapids but saw nothing there worth sticking around for. No offense to happy Grand Rapiders.
  • Duluth, Minnesota – Leave someplace that’s cold and miserable for another place that’s even colder and more miserable? I think my great-grandparents did that.
  • Idaho Falls, Idaho – Sounds like the middle of nowhere defined.
  • Carlisle, Pennsylvania – Still too close to 3MI.
  • Tacoma or Spokane, Washington
  • Syracuse, New York – Okay, this site is joking with me, isn’t it? Two of my college boyfriends were from there, although I don’t think either one lives there now. Still, orange is not that great.
  • Roanoke, Virginia – One of my college roommates lived there a few years. Didn’t stay. Not sure if that was a reflection on the place.
  • Altoona, Pennsylvania – Isn’t Patty originally from Altoona?
  • Fort Collins, Colorado – Now we’re talking. And close to Bo, too. Make up the guest room kids!
  • Ocala or Gainesville, Florida – Never had any wish to even visit Florida.
  • Biloxi-Gulfport, Mississippi – Chris lived in Jackson for a few years and I always wondered, and believed I asked, how. But being King of the Extrovert Peoples, he could fit in anywhere. Me, not so much.
  • Provo-Orem, Utah – More Mormons. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
  • Seattle, Washington – Where the hills are green as green. I’m guessing the guys aren’t all young Bobby Shermans and I’m no Bridget Hanley. Might be nice, though.
  • Tallahassee, Florida – And become a Tallahassee Lassie? Too funny.
  • Loveland, Colorado – If the name says it all, we may have a winner.


  • At 11:22 AM, June 23, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Duluth has a statue of Leif Eriksson. Not as impressive as the one in Reykjavik. See: The top pic is the statue in Iceland. Duluth's is about the 4th pic down. He's holding an Icelandic flag. Maybe this findyourspot site knows you better than you think!


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