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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Beyond the Sea

Movie: Beyond the Sea. Kevin Spacey’s tribute to legendary crooner Bobby Darin. I doubt there are many people my age who don’t automatically think of the Steve Martin parody when “Mack the Knife” is played. I only know Darin’s songs from oldies radio. While I knew he died young from an illness, I wasn’t aware it was a lifelong heart condition that he knew would take him before his time. Since the film concerns Darin’s music and obsession with achieving fame, other aspects of his life are a little too sketchy, especially his marriage. Perhaps Spacey didn’t feel it was necessary to discuss Sandra Dee’s childhood abuse since the movie wasn’t about her, but it would put her behaviour and relationship with Darin in perspective. Spacey gets bonus points for doing all his own singing. He has a good voice but it’s nowhere as smooth as Darin’s. The line forms on the right, Kev.


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