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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Because I miss Lost

The wonderful Sawyer Song in flash video form.
And the lyrics:
Here's a Sawyer, there's a Sawyer, and another little Sawyer, fuzzy Sawyer, funny Sawyer, Sawyer Sawyer, Locke. Sawyer Sawyer, golf club, Sawyer, handcuff, Jin, Danielle, Sawyer, Sawyer Sawyer, Pilot, Sawyer, Sawyer Sawyer Locke. I was once an airplane, I lived in a cave, but I never saw the way, Alex is my slave. I was not yet three years dead, but I haunted Jack, And now listen little child, to the man on crack. Did you ever see a Sawyer, kiss a Sawyer, on a Sawyer, Sawyer's Sawyer, tastes like Sawyer, Sawyer Sawyer, Locke. Half a Sawyer, twice the Sawyer, not a Sawyer, Lawyer, Sawyer, Sawyer in a bar, I saw a Sawyer, Sawyer, Locke. Is that how it's told now, is it very late, is it made of aloe juice?, Sayid, Michael, Kate. Now my song is running thin, I've run out of stock, time for me to retire now, and become John Locke.


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