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Monday, June 20, 2005

Six Feet Under Season 3

This weekend was a Six Feet Under marathon here at the Emporium as the Season 3 dvd came my way. An HBO show about the lives and loves of our beloved mortician family, the Fishers. Not for the squeamish.

1. Perfect Circles.
Instead of Schrödinger's Cat in a box, it’s alternate Nates in a casket. Is he there? Sometimes, since “everything that can happen does, somewhere.” Ugly wig on Catherine O’Hara. Ugly tattoo on Tattoo Boy. Anger issues and doormat issues. “Being a father has turned you into a blithering idiot.”

2. You Never Know.
Who hasn’t wanted to shoot up a bunch of telemarketers? Miss O’Hara’s ready for her corn muffins. Russell may be allergic to dating but thinks “having somebody in your life who makes you hate yourself less – I could use that.” The Fisher Boys (at least one of whom is a “hopeless passive aggressive guilt sponge”) continue to deal with their relationships while Rico takes care of business. “I need you to walk him through your basil vinaigrette.” Opening the door to Melissa Gilbert “was like staring at evil itself.” “Eventually I just became the one in paisley.”

3. The Eye Inside.
Miss O’Hara’s in her soft white place. We expect someday she too may end up hoarding firearms in Montana. Nice to see the pea green Clairemobile again. “This drawing instantly makes me feel nauseous.”

4. Nobody Sleeps.
Lisa and Ruth creepily bond despite “we don’t dance in this family.” Russell establishes which team he plays for but do we believe him? “Anything else you wanna know? Now is the time.” “They were all just major wide loads.” Here here on nixing the Lillith Fair crap.

5. The Trap.
Russell makes his move. Keith finds a way to release some anger. The Fishers welcome an incognito Jack Osborne sans language as Arthur the Apprentice. “Libraries are depressing.” Thanks for the endorsement. “When did I become 400 years old?” I’ve been wondering that myself. “If you meet somebody who you think means something to you, you’re doomed.”

6. Making Love Work.
In more ways than one. “We got a situation here.” I’ll never again take a nosebleed so nonchalantly. Silent Running with music by Joan Baez. Russell takes up hairdressing. Nate massacres a snake. “Termite art.” “The Munsters up there.” “Advanced Casketing Techniques 101.” Psycho stalker qu’est que c’est! Claire finds the word hanky gross. “Not all progress is bad. There’s Kleenex, hello!”

7. Timing and Space.
The Giggle Loop strikes Brenda’s mom. Billy appears sane. Very scary that. If kids in the United States play digging to China, do Chinese kids play digging to the United States? “The rest of us who don’t have babies, we’re real.” “Did you have a good time stalking me this morning?”

8. Tears Bones and Desire.
Enter The People from the Cult of Cheese and their Book of Daddy. “Not in a stupid paper way.” “Space forces are always following us.” Ruth is out of control and makes her move, twice. Keith goes on the paintball warpath against the chorus’s Leading Ladies.

9. The Opening.
“He’s too veiny.” Vanessa’s anti depressants are more depressant, less anti. “It was like her spirit got stolen.” Lisa and Nate discover pyramid power and decide to try be themselves instead of what they think the other one wants. “It’s depressing how deluded people are about what love is.”

10. Everybody Leaves.
Vanessa perks up. A lot. Russell throws a tantrum and spills his guts. “He could’ve at least made the effort to slam the door.” Billy’s not better after all. Ruth and Arthur have “been on quite a serendipitous journey…thus the dilemma.” But their laundry isn’t mixing anymore.

11. Death Works Overtime.
Lisa’s missing. Claire’s puking positively. Stretch Cunningham walks into the parlour and into Ruth’s life. Rico finds a new dance partner. “Move ‘em in and move ‘em out.”And Rundgren’s great song “I Saw the Light” over the credits.

12. Twilight.
Lisa drinks Dr Pepper on the sly. Did Rico say he “hit something chunky?” Ew. “He’s a freakin’ Dorito. Crunch him, they’ll make more.” A lovely epitaph. California’s just stopping by. Nate finds comfort. I’m not the only one who thinks there’s no rush. I don’t trust George/Stretch.

13. I’m Sorry I’m Lost.
Fly, be free. “Blue ice is a killer.” Looks like death is a block party. “Life just wasn’t the right environment for me.” Infinity wants to be Rico’s friend. Ajacently is not a word. It’s interesting how many women think nothing of killing a fetus but few of them would want to kill an infant. “If I’d known you were gonna die, I’d have hung out with you more.”


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