The Universe and Me

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

24: 5 - 6 a.m.

Previously on 24: There’s a “female hostile” in a building with 600 apartments. Oh Jack, chances are you’re gonna find a lot more than one. Copy that? It’s not that I minded a shirtless and sweaty Tony, not at all, not even with the beer gut he could have sucked in, but it was early morning and I find it hard to believe there’s much of Los Angeles that isn’t air conditioned. And then it rained. I expected Jack to say, “Rain? We don’t have time for that!” But do the writers think I tuned in just yesterday? I knew perfectly well Terror Babe Mandy didn’t blow up herself and Tony but that she used her hapless neighbours instead. CTU decides they might as well try for disaster management but Jack’s seen this show before. He knows Mandy was “a professional, not a fanatic” and he isn’t about to give up maintaining the perimeter. Here’s me at home, saying to the television: Listen to the recording you dweebs! There’s gotta be some sound of the outdoors that’s supposed to be on it that isn’t. The rain, traffic, a dog barking. Yup. Nothing gets by Jack after all. But why is it that the CTU Powers That Be never listen to him? The “smile and wave” penguins have more sense. Jack’s judgement has never been wrong. Looks like Tony listened during kindergarten storyhour. The Brothers Grimm were grim enough to appreciate Hansel and Gretel leaving a trail of blood. I thought I saw Michelle’s face move, slightly, just once. When she was sitting in the car and the phone rang, I feared she wouldn’t answer it or she’d changed her name to Juliet. Good on Curtis for being the season’s unsung hero and clocking Mandy a good one. I thought about suggesting she talk with Terror Boy, wherever he’s gone, about the validity of presidential immunity deals. But Neurotic Nixon understood she wasn’t some high school kid they could swindle. Just when things started to look up, the annoying Chinese subplot showed up again. Agent Bern spills his guts based on the mere threat of Siberia? What a wimp. Even loafer wearing Liberal Son withstood a few hours of torture. Thus ends the penultimate hour. I’ll post about the final hour tomorrow.


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