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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Lost: The Exodus Part 2 (Hour 2)

The monster’s tentacle or hook or whatever grabs hold of Locke’s ankle and yanks him very quickly across the jungle nearly down a hole it created. Locke’s willing to go, believing he’ll be fine and it’s only a test, but Jack has to be the hero and save him. Still no clue on what the monster is. Seems to be a type of pulley system from the sounds of it. The weird black shadowy clouds suggest it’s coal powered. Charlie falls for the old log in the blankie trick and has to be singed with gunpowder. This was even more cringeworthy that Jack’s hand being slashed over on 24. Fate clearly didn’t want Hurley on that flight. The numbers were popping up all over the place in this hour. Oh, the writers are just playing with us now. 8, 23 and 42 in the car. Gate 23. Buying the scooter for 16 thousand. The kids uniforms. The $23,000 reward for Kate. The annoying airline lady made me laugh with “Am I going to have to weigh you, dear?” And look, there’s Arzt in line. We hardly knew you, but we knew you were annoying. I liked Hurley giving a big bear hug to the airline ticket taker. Locke creeps out Jack with more of his philosophy about the island. If it brought them all there for a reason, what does it want them to do for it? Locke had the most astute line: “Survival is all relative.” One commercial break was so abrupt, I thought for a second Kate Winslet was part of Sawyer’s backstory. They explained why Locke was in a regular seat on the plane. Charlie and Sayid convince Madame Nutso to give back Aaron, the baby formerly known as Turniphead. She said she heard The Others saying they wanted the boy so she was trying to keep him safe. Hurley drops the flashlight and sees the numbers on the hatch and freaks. “The numbers are bad!” he tries to tell them but Locke lights the fuse anyway. The raft boys pick up a signal but fight over what to do about it. I believe Sawyer called Jin “Trudy.” Had they given it some clear thought, they might have realized they’re not very far from the island and they might not want to be rescued just yet. But no. The Others appear to be rejects from Deliverance and take Walt, the “boy” they were truly after, presumably for his special powers. In the process Sawyer is shot and falls or jumps in the ocean. Jin jumps in after him. The Others bomb the raft and all that’s left is a glimpse into Charlie’s bag where he’s stolen the heroin, and then a bittersweet boarding montage. The hatch appears to lead to Jules Verne’s Centre of the Earth. Next: the Lostaways take up ballroom dancing.


  • At 7:19 AM, May 29, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I thought the Aussie chick was gonna say "the dingo stole my bay-bay!"


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