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Friday, May 13, 2005

Lost: Born to Run

From out of nowhere it’s Dr Artz, the science teacher, with the rhetorical statement “monsoon season is bad.” Don’t worry, we weren’t thinking island life was going to get better. Kate’s trunk o’ plates all had numbers, but I only caught the first three letters of the one, those being OPN. As in open? As in open the hatch? Since she doesn’t have blonde roots after being stranded for over a month, it appears Kate was only briefly blonde and for reasons known only to her and probably illegal. The island dudes really need to steer clear of her, considering she’s leaving a trail of dead men behind her. Seeing as her presence frightened her mother and she implied on the tape (recorded in 1989 on August 15, that’s 8/15 as in Flight 815) that there was something bad going on at home, I suspect Kate has already dealt with her father issues. I can’t figure out how Mackenzie Astin’s toy airplane went from the car’s backseat to the safety deposit box. Or why, when she was already on the run and the police were shooting at them, he decided to stay in the car. Call her puddin’, freckles or sweet cheeks, but don’t trust her. Maybe Shannon’s weird glare in her direction wasn’t as misplaced as it seemed. The backstory set in Iowa made me say to the television, “lookout for Marwan’s missile!” Kate said she spent two summers around boats. Surely not in Iowa. Was there supposed to be symbolism in digging up the time capsule versus digging up the hatch? Creepy Boy Walt’s special powers reappeared as he’s freaked out by Locke or whatever Locke’s involved with and now he has no problem with leaving the island. The other Lostaways continue their reckless accusation hurling. It’s interesting that the guilty who confess (Walt and Sun in this episode) are forgiven but the innocent remain under suspicion. Jack and Locke are competing for the title of Who Can Keep the Most Secrets. Hurley summed up viewer frustration well with, “How am I supposed to keep straight who know what around here?” Funniest quote goes to Charlie’s track 2: “Monster Eats the Pilot” which probably followed track 1: “My Baby’s a Turniphead.” Next week it’s the return of French diva Danielle: run, hide or die!


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