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Thursday, May 05, 2005

My Delusions

Welcome to another edition of Name That Icelandic Tune. As I mentioned, Radio 2 has been playing this song that’s grabbed my attention for a few weeks, but I couldn’t figure out who the band was. I wrote down some of the lyrics: “My mind is playing tricks on me…I might be wrong but I feel that I have much to prove” (or that I’m mush too dude, I can’t quite tell what he’s singing there) but nothing Googled. Back to Radio 2’s most played songs playlist. Can’t be Trabant, they’re closer to heavy metal. Can’t be Ampop, they’re electronica. Soft textured sounds, ethereal reverbed guitars. Wait, their song is called "My Delusions". Isn't one of the lines “I’m all alone with my delusions?” Yes it is. Ah ha moment. What is this electronica band doing with a pop single besides driving me crazy? It appears their next cd, their third, will have more of an organic pop sound. Ampop (pronounced closer to Ahmpop or Awmpop or somewhere between the two) was started by musicians Biggi Hilmarsson and Kjartan Ólafsson. The band has either multiplied or been cloned because now there might be four members. I saw one picture with five. Biggi (no relation to the Biggi from Maus) is also working on the soundtrack to the Icelandic crime film “Every Colour of the Sea is Cold” ("Allir litir hafsins eru kaldir") with Björk’s former husband Þór Eldon. Ampop will be playing some concerts this summer in North America and England, gearing up for the next Iceland Airwaves festival. “My Delusions” is also featured in a Visa ad on Icelandic television and frequently in my brain.


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