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Monday, May 09, 2005

In Good Company

Movie: In Good Company. On the surface it’s a message about ageism, with the old timers teaching the young whippersnappers that their way is what works in the long run. But looking deeper than that, there’s also a powerful commentary on how corporate culture is destroying society. The Topher Grace character and his young cohorts are portrayed as superficial, heartless, annoying leeches who can’t speak much beyond oft repeated catchwords like “cool” and “awesome.” They only care about acquiring successes; a better car, better job, better deal. All at the expense of developing their personalities. They are phony, icky, inhuman people. I saw an interview with the writer of “Angels in America” where he was saying how wrong it is that the good of society carries no importance anymore. If something affects me and my kids, then it’s important, but anyone else, even friends you’ve worked with every day for decades, no longer matters, evidenced by the quote from this movie, “I’m gonna go forget you ever existed.” Focusing only on what the individual can acquire will cause society to collapse. And that will leave the individual with nothing. And Scarlett Johansson was seriously miscast here.


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