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Friday, May 27, 2005

Lost: The Exodus Part 2 (Hour 1)

Turniphead’s got sand in his nappy. Good thing it wasn’t a moonlit night or those skeletons might have stepped out of Pirates of the Caribbean. Hurley’s disc player ran out of batteries weeks ago, but Jack still has a working flashlight? I’m with Arzt’s third wife, I didn’t sign up for him either. As for the “merry little band of adventurers” not treating the 40 other Lostaways like people too, they might want to check with Ricky Gervais to see if they can get on his new Extras show. Tonight’s science lesson teaches us that dynamite sweats. “Nitroglycerin is extremely temperamental” is right. Now Arzt’s in pieces, bits and pieces. Diane noted that he seemed to almost purposely choose the worst stick. I did notice he waved it around carelessly, as if he had a death wish. “That was messed up” indeed. So Jin was followed to the airport. Was he also followed on the plane? We learned that he planned to run away. And that Sawyer likes Marley songs. Shannon has managed in one season to turn herself from the most disliked character into one of the most sympathetic. Had to laugh at Locke’s “bzzzt” joke. Tickled my funny bone. That was a nice baby carrier Charlie made. If they ever get rescued, he can manufacture his own line. He can keep Drive Shaft’s CD’s, though. Thanks anyway. I liked how Sayid stopped him from a second hit like he was a 98 pound weakling. Sayid’s hair has grown a lot since the crash. Claire remembers that she scratched Madame Nutso but she doesn’t remember why. Brush that Arzt off your back, Jack, and that ego while you’re at it. You don’t get to play the hero this time. Sawyer finds new reading material in the bottle messages and wonders “who’s Hugo and how’s he got a hundred and sixty million dollars?” If they ever meet up again, Hurley may just become his new best friend. Yet another week where Sawyer gets to take his shirt off and save the raft. I’m guessing no one told Sayid of Charlie’s past addiction. Sun mentions Fate, a theme that will run throughout the two hour episode. Hurley misses Twinkies. Locke’s speaking in mystical mumbo jumbo again and some mutant vulture signals the monster. What are those, tentacles bursting out of the ground? Kate sees Jack slip off his backpack and figures out he’s going to be the hero no matter what anyone else says. Best line of Hour 1 was Arzt’s dig at Hurley, “Some of us have actually lost weight while we’ve been here.” I’ll blog about Hour 2 tomorrow.


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