The Universe and Me

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Final Cut

Movie: The Final Cut. Robin Williams takes on another serious, dark nearly funereal role but without much emotion. His somberness seemed to spill over to the other characters, none of whom I cared about. Which was a shame since the story was interesting and did make me think about how our memories are perceived. As in, we don’t always remember events with exact precision and time changes us, thereby changing our perceptions of our memories. And someone else who’s experiencing the same moment with us will not view it in the same way as us. Another theme was only briefly mentioned. How does knowing other people will someday watch all your actions affect those actions? To condense and manipulate a deceased’s life into a pleasant two hour movie that friends and relatives can remember him or her by seems a little shallow. Personally, I find it hard to imagine anyone could get two watchable hours out of my immensely dull and uneventful life. Five minutes, maybe. I just hope no one gives this idea to the Fisher brothers in Six Feet Under. They have enough to deal with.


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