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Friday, May 06, 2005

Lost: The Greater Good

It may be because I know the actor playing Sayid is British and/or because I’ve been watching “Red Dwarf” but I thought I heard him say he attended “Curry University.” Probably some other name. Here goes my sympathy for Jack and his massive ego. Boone fell from a plane on a cliff. His injuries were too extensive for anyone to save him, but Jack thinks he’s all that & a coconut so he has to find someone else to blame for his being just a human. Re-enter Locke who really should have changed his shirt before the Boone Funeral (the “Booneral.”) Later he washed out the shirt but that doesn't seem like it would help much. Surely there must be another shirt he could wear somewhere in the lost luggage. The Greater Good appears to be Boone’s decision to try to help them, even if it meant giving his life. And perhaps Locke’s knocking out Sayid in a previous episode since the transmission would have accomplished nothing positive for the Lostaways. So we know the CIA gave Sayid the ticket to this particular plane flight. Did they know about or cause the plane crash? The friend’s coffin was also on the plane. Was that the empty coffin we saw six months ago? Where’d he go? The friend said the line “you used me to find a woman” with a weird emphasis on woman. Like women are squids or something. Creeped me out. Nadia is alive and living in Irvine, which is near Tustin, home of Locke’s box company, also connected to Hurley. But if the love of his life is alive, what is Sayid doing with Shannon? Filling time? Sun’s line to Claire about how in a hospital they would take care of the baby so you could sleep made my head spin. Maybe in a Korean hospital. In America, you’re out the door quick as you can say “It’s a placenta!” The three men and a baby were cute. Charlie “can’t get the bloody thing to stop crying.” Welcome to fatherhood! So Hurley tries the James Brown School of Parenting but it’s Sawyer who has the knack. Wonderfully funny his trying to scoot away from Charlie & turniphead. Sawyer can read to me anytime. I remain confused about previous previews which showed Locke getting shot on the beach, right? Is this still to come? Best line: Hurley’s asking if there were any “deposits, diaper wise.” Next week: no one listens to creepy boy Walt and I get the feeling they should.


  • At 11:41 AM, May 06, 2005, Blogger graceInk said…

    Hurley always has the best lines! Yeah, we all agreed here that the part with him singing to the kid was great. We also liked Charlie running after Sawyer. Only 3 more episodes! They better start answering some questions!


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