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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Jack White is a musical genius!

Yesterday the new White Stripes album Get Behind Me Satan was leaked to Joe Public so Jack White may very well be furiously, drunkenly head butting a few patrons at a bar in downtown Detroit as I type. As much as I want to hear this record NOW and not in a few weeks, I’m not going to dl it onto my computer because I’ve been planning to buy it since years before it was ever dreamed of. Because Jack White is a musical genius! I say that all the time somewhat jokingly, but I actually believe it. This is an artist who has not only recorded five (giving benefit of doubt on the new one) astounding albums, but each one is progressively more astounding that the one before. I can’t think of any other bands since the mid 80s who have been able to do this. The Police did it up to Synchronicity and then decided they couldn’t top that and quit. U2 did it up to The Joshua Tree and then fizzled into the lame, cookie cutter blahness that has overtaken most music since. Even the most talented musician of the 90s, Jeff Buckley, was so overwhelmed by his own musical genius and fan expectation that he couldn’t manage to release a second album. Not so Jack. I hope this new one becomes the CD of the Year. So far I’ve only heard the single "Blue Orchid" which was legitimately released a few weeks ago. With Jack’s voice being a distorted high pitch in this song, it sounds a lot like what the Scissor Sisters might if they had any testosterone. Fabulous! Get behind it, indeed!


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