The Universe and Me

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

24: 10 - 11 pm

Previously on 24: Twice in one hour Jack gets to shout the phrase, "Drop the weapon!" Who has more fun? Nice serpentine, there. The Fake Agent Drake should have realised CTU agents are not that sloppy and drywall isn't that thick. Thar' she goes. Tony's brooding reaches new levels as he learns Michelle's downgraded to that old Division geezer Buchanan. If that's what they mean by "the twist that will change everything," we don't want to know. Sure, nights alone working on perfecting her ventriloquist act must be lonely, but at least someone like Edgar would be cuddly. Mr Bean is out of surgery, probably in a wheelchair for life and in need of Miss Freebie's emotional support. Who didn't see that rolling down Sunset Boulevard? President Keeler has been flying for over 20 hours and all he got was a lousy t-shirt and a lousy InstaSon just over from The OC. Former Pres Palmer may be relegated to commercials for Allstate, but he's not being shot out of the air, either. Smirk. Chloe gets as sensitive as she's ever gonna and helps out a co-worker. Sigh. I believe I heard a distinctive sampling of the music from "Mission Impossible." So the terrorists have been spending their time here making pillows? That'll teach us. I want to know how Marwan knew where Air Force 1 was and suspect Heller, with his previous obsession over the president's whereabouts and his 2 or 3 episode awolness, is responsible. Next week a football game inexplicably appears to break out. Everybody say wha?


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