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Friday, April 29, 2005

Lost: The Journey

Did my best to ignore the annoying narrator who sounded like a kindergartener teacher reading to us moronic children during storytime. What if you had a great TV show but you kept airing repeats and alienating half your audience? That’s what he should have been asking. Well, old clips were better than watching a blank screen. I guess. The hour focused heavily on Charlie and the heroin. And Locke’s obsession with the island as an entity. Ethan being from Canada was mentioned twice. Coincidence? Also, The Others were mentioned a lot and we’re left still wondering who are The Others? Were they from Danielle’s plane crash or were they already on the island? Danielle said they “were the carriers.” Of what? Some disease that drives everyone mad? Carriers of the luggage? Charlie made a point of saying “They only wanted Claire” and then everyone ignored his statement. And why doesn’t Locke want any of the other Lostaways to know about the hatch? Couldn’t he use their help with it? How did he manage to get that suitcase of knives on board the plane to begin with? It struck me as weird this time too that the pilot mentioned the radio went out before anything else started to go wrong. Was its transmission interfered with on purpose? And what's up with the Lostzilla monster? More questions probably would have been answered by sixty minutes of watching them sit around a campfire, singing koombayah and making smores.


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