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Friday, April 01, 2005

Lost: Locke's story continued

Another episode of "Lost," another batch of questions to add to the lengthy list. So Kevin Tighe has gone from "Emergency" good guy firefighter to organ thief scum since the 70's. Bit of a step down. I'm guessing that he and Swoozie were not Locke's real parents, but were just working in cahoots with the adoption center guy to scam orphans out of their organs. But since it seemed Tighe did not skip town afterwards, maybe not. So add Locke to the list of characters with father issues. His premonition was a creepy "Twin Peaks" moment. Has he been having premonitions all along? Is that why he seems to know things about the other Lostees? Is the island giving him the premonitions? Why not tell about finding the airplane? Is he afraid Charlie will get back on the horse? Was the corpse from Nigeria and/or the Nigerian e-mail scammer? Are Hurley's numbers the co-ordinates to somewhere in Nigeria? What's the significance of Nigeria? The episode ending, with the hatch lighting up, was great. Now you've woken them, you know. As for the rest of the show, we learned that Sayid moonlights as an optometrist, trebuchet is a fancy word for catapult, brain tumors make you smell things burning, and there were no survivors on Flight 815. Best line once again belonged to Hurely (Sawyer looking like a steamrolled Harry Potter) although I liked Jack saying any conversation with Sawyer just gets him "a snappy one liner and a brand new nickname." Better roll up those sleeves there, Betty. Boone's bleeding all over and Claire's about to pop.


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