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Monday, April 18, 2005

Vera Drake

Movie: Vera Drake. I can highly endorse the movie, though not Vera’s actions in the movie. Putting aside the “abortion is murder” argument, I’m also against it because it is emotionally damaging, even if sometimes only on a subconscious level. Vera seemed to be in some sort of denial about what she was doing, brainwashing herself into believing she was helping. Was her constant humming to drown out the guilt in her head? I was amazed that a housekeeper with no nursing training that we know of thought she was qualified to do this. It never seemed to occur to her something could do wrong, that one of the girls could be harmed or die. Nor does she take her family into consideration. In the end, I thought her sentence was quite light and she was lucky. Fabulous performance by Imelda. The LAPD could learn a lot from the polite constables here. And Sid, The Smiths called. They’re looking for a new lead singer, if you have the time.


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