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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The future of music

Book: The Future of Music. I subscribe to an online music service but last year they changed a few things and I've not been as happy with them as I was at first. In a few months, or perhaps later this year I'll start looking for a different service so I can stay legal. This book has lots of good ideas the record companies could easily implement to stop illegal downloading. Not even taking a different approach into consideration will be the death of them. And the majority of people (and probably artists) will say good riddance. Here's my favourite idea:
Just as ASCAP or BMI collect blanket licensing fees from radio stations, so could similar organizations collect blanket licensing fees from the P2P companies for access via their systems... If 50% of the world's active Internet users would pay only $2 per month, the industry would collect $500 million per month--$6 billion per year--a whopping 20% of the current revenues from CD sales.
Sign me up!


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