The Universe and Me

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Movie: Zelary. A Czech epic drama set in the 1940s and nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 2003 which it didn’t win but probably should have as I liked it a lot more than “The Barbarian Invasions.” Concerns Eliska, a medical student and part-time resistance fighter whose cover is blown, forcing her into hiding. A peasant/mountain man/sawmill worker whose life she helped save agrees to save her by marrying her and bringing her back to his remote, backwards village, Zelary, probably not pronounced like celery due to its having several accent marks. (Where’s Mr Vee when I need him?) Throughout four seasons, we see her life transform as she acclimates to this rustic life and the villagers around her. A very lengthy film, at over 2 ½ hours. Fabulous acting by Eliska and Joza. And the goat too! And it made me very appreciative of running water. Yahoo movies has the trailer and some clips.


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