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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Soon to come: Without Gravity

Icelandic alt-country band Tenderfoot's first cd entitled "Without Gravity" is scheduled for release on 9 May. I've been anticipating this for at least a year, ever since hearing the few mp3's they posted on their home page. And now even more since Radio 2 is playing some songs. I hope their record company will release the cd in the States too. From the Grapevine review: Jeff Buckley’s only album, "Grace", is a huge reference point as well as the work of other usual suspects such as Nick Drake, Gram Parsons, Neil Young and Elliott Smith. With the backbone of Tenderfoot’s music being the influences of such great musicians, the quartet is obviously destined to pale in comparison but as debuts go, "Without Gravity" is certainly a promising one with its soft and sweet harmonies. The ingredients are certainly there and in Karl Henry, the band has an undeniably gifted vocalist who, much like the band itself, is only a step away from discovering his own unique voice. While waiting impatiently for the cd, listen to a radio show of 10 or 11 songs they performed while in New York .


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