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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Excellence on Ice

Yesterday afternoon Jerry, Vic, Mom and I went to the local arena to see the ice show, Excellence on Ice. While the loud music and bright lights have left me with a dull but expected headache today, the skaters performed wonderfully. Several stood out, in particular Taylor Firth. As there were three other girls with the last name Firth, she either has three sisters or relatives who also skate. I suppose that would make them the Four Firths, not to be confused with the Firth of Fourth in Scotland. Also good were the dance team Jenna Cogley & Christian Pickard, the pair team Jennifer Tingley & Michael Donovan, and solo Robert Dierking. The ensemble performances to "Bolero" and "Bond, James Bond" were exceptionally well choreographed. Maybe in the future we'll see some of these kids performing on national tv, and being critiqued by Dick Button & Peggy Fleming.


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