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Saturday, April 09, 2005


Movie: Spanglish. Was it supposed to be about the cultural differences in the two daughters' lives? How the little Spanish girl was awed by what material things and advances in life money could buy but that money can't buy love or a Beatles reunion? I have no idea because Tea Leone's HyperMom character was too distracting and annoying. Driven, neurotic, psychotic, obsessive, obnoxious, cruel, bossy, moody, thoughless, selfish, spoiled, bratty, fiercely competitive, insecure, insensitive, emotionally manipulative, overpowering, self-absorbed, adulterous, shrewish and downright just a horrible person. Who in the end is rewarded for this behaviour by retaining her sensitive husband, above average children, sprawling Beverly Hills mansion and summer beach house. There's a great life lesson for us all. My other main gripe: poor Flor (or Florrrrrr) was too perfect. Even when she was being stubborn, she had a right to be. Yes, there was a lot wrong with this movie. But it was also entertaining. Cloris Leachman (is she really almost 80?) was great. Her uncanny sense of comedic timing lit up every scene she was in. And I did chuckle at Tea's line, "Don't translate asides."


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