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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Nói albínói

Movie: Nói. An Icelandic drama filmed with blue, green and blueish green tints or "nuances" as director/writer Dagur Kári (who better hurry up or he's going to be late for curtain call at the Abba musical Mama Mia) terms it in the excellent making-of feature. This brings an even greater eeriness and etherealness to the already ominous otherworldly landscape of the remote fishing village. High school student/albino Nói is either a whiz kid or an idiot, a juvenile delinquent or a genius. The town's isolation and his own personal isolation of feeling different from everyone else has created severe malcontent. Nói's reaction to the rainbow over the fjord speaks volumes. When he meets Íris (pronounced EE-ress?) he becomes hopeful for a better life. The recurrent theme (which I won't give away), starting with the mention of Kierkegaard ("a fitting name for an idiot"), sets up the viewer for one ending but then something totally unexpected happens. That's Iceland for you. There were wonderful moments of subtle humour. The possibly insane grandmother, with her odd behavior delivered with such deadpan expression, is hysterical. The French class would be giggled over by essayist David Sedaris. The kitchen disaster is a riot. Overall, clever and thought-provoking. (And Carolyn, we may have a winner. See my IM.)


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